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United American Bank is a full-service commercial bank. Shares of United American Bank are traded on the the OTCBB ( market under the symbol UABK. To buy or sell shares or obtain replacement certificates, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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March 2017 - Shareholder Information Statement.

Market Maker

John T. Cavender
Senior Vice President

Raymond James & Associates, Inc. 
One Embarcadero Center,
Suite 650
San Francisco, CA 94111

415.616.8919 Fax

Stock Transfer Agent

Shareholder Services
211 Quality Cir., Suite 210
College Station, TX 77845


Overnight Delivery: 
250 Royall Street 
Canton, MA 02021 

818.502.0674 - Fax

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I buy stock in United American Bank?
A: United American Bank is traded over the counter under the symbol UABK. A broker such as Charles Schwab or Merrill Lynch can place a buy order in the market on your behalf.

Q: How can I find out what my stock is worth?
A: United American Bank is traded under the symbol UABK, and a quote may be obtained from any quotation service.

Q: I own shares of United American Bank and would like to give them to my son. How can I change the registration on the certificate?
A: United American Bank has retained the services of Computershare as a registrar and transfer agent and they may be reached at 800.962.4284. They can provide guidance on the process for a change in registration and the required endorsement on the back of the stock certificate before it is tendered to them for reissue with the new registration.

Q: I have lost my stock certificate, how can I obtain a replacement?
A: Please contact Shareholder Services at 800.962.4284 to obtain a replacement certificate.

Q: Can I deposit my United American Bank Stock certificate with my broker?
A: Yes, your broker can add the certificate to your account, and we generally recommend that all stock certificates be deposited with a brokerage to avoid the risk of loss of the certificate.

Q: How can I sell my stock in United American Bank?
A: There is a market for United American Bank and any brokerage should be able to assist with a sell transaction. Or contact Shareholder Services at 800-962-4284.

Q: How can I change my address on my stock certificate?
A: Please contact Computershare at 800.962.4284 with your new address and phone number.

Financial Information

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