Savings & CDs


Free Kasasa Saver

This free account helps you save effortlessly. It links to your free Kasasa Cash® or Kasasa Cash Back® checking, and earns high interest every month.

Personal Savings

Secure your financial future — or save up for something you want in the near future! Our Personal Savings account is a simple and efficient way to save.

Personal Money Market

At United American Bank, we believe more equals more. This account pays tier-rated interest — so the higher your balance, the higher your rate!

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Make your investment strategy risk-free. CDs let you grow your savings safely — you’ll know exactly what rate you’re getting and when you’ll get your funds.

Individual Retirement Accounts

It’s never to early — or too late — to start saving up for your retirement. We offer Traditional and Roth IRAs, so you can choose the best plan for your future.